Startimes is a great Pay2View TV decoder that offers over 100 premium channels for your amusement and education. If you are wondering how to renew the subscription of your chosen package in order not to lose access to your favorite TV Channels, then follow this step by step guide below.

How To Renew StarTimes Subscription on Android Smartphone Using StarTimes ON App

  1. Open the StarTimes ON app on your phone and click on ME at the lower right-hand corner.

2.  Click on StarTimes Decoder Service

3. Click on Recharge

4. Select the duration you want to renew, majority of you will select 30 Days.

5. Select your preferred payment method. The majority of you will select MOMO, so that’s what we are using for this guide.


6. Enter your correct details on this page. You will receive a MOMO prompt to enter your PIN to make the payment. Go through that successfully


7. Once completing the payment on the dialog prompt that appeared on your phone, you have successfully renewed your StarTimes package.


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